Revita Orange To Go compressed candies 47.5 g

Compresed candies enriched with royal jelly and with vitamin C, flavoured with orange aroma. Candies with sweetener without added sugar.

415,00 RSD

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Revita TO GO, compressed candies are unique product on the market created by the Revita expert team with the idea to place on the market healty candies in which are incorporated two basic ingredients of Revita – royal jelly and vitamin C for the people who are in constant move. It is high-quality product with a recognizable orange taste, which is intended for everyone who wants to use a healthy alternative to classic candies.

Revita TO GO is recommended for people of all ages especially children, elderly, athletes and all those who are active and in constant move. They are easy to consume and thanks to the fact that we enriched them with royal jelly and vitamin C, they have a beneficial effect on immunity.

Nutritional value: 100 g
Energetic value 960,4 kJ/228,6 kcal
Fat 0,47 g
of which -          Saturated Fatty Acids < 0,10 g
 Carbohydrates           94,30 g
Of which -          sugar          < 0,10 g
Polyols         < 91,91 g
Proteins < 0,10 g
Salt             < 0,10 g
 Vitamin C          446,8 mg NRV-559%
NRV- Nutrient Reference Value