About us

Revita Company has been successfully using its knowledge and resources for 30 years in the production of dietary supplements based on royal jelly, with the aim of improving health and quality of life.

Revita drink is made in Serbia according to the recipe of the Russian Academy of Sciences. During the last century, this Academy intensively searched for a nutrient-rich food that would provide an optimal source of nutrients for astronauts. Extensive research has imposed royal jelly as a unique solution, which was then applied in the original recipe of Revita products.

Soon after the great success of Revita drink, the company expanded its production program. New Revita products joined Revita family: Revita Fe, a dietary product containing chelated iron in addition to royal jelly, effective in preventing anemia and natural iron deficiency compensation; Revita Diet, especially suitable for people suffering from diabetes and Revita oriblets with a higher concentration of royal jelly. Since 2016, two more products have been produced: Revita Diet with Stevia and Revita Fe with Stevia.

In 2021, Revita expands its product portfolio with two new products, Revita Forte, which contains 3 times more royal jelly, as well as Revita Direct, which is intended for faster and easier consumption while on the go. Also, the existing Revita FE received a new 454g package.

Today, Revita products are present on the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Awards and Certificates

Revita is a company that operates in accordance with internationally recognized certificates:

ISO 9000 – international standard for quality management system;
ISO 22000 – international standard for food safety management whose main priority is food safety in the entire food production and food supply chain;
HACCP ˗ system for identification, assessment and control of hazards of importance for food safety This system is based on the analysis and control of potential biological, chemical and physical hazards to which the raw materials are exposed, possible hazards in process of handling, production, distribution and consumption of the final product.

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