About us

Revita products are natural high-quality dietary supplements based on royal jelly and vitamins, and they are intended for all those who want to improve their general state of health and their quality of life.

For more than 30 years, the company Revita has been manufacturing natural, high-quality dietary supplements based on royal jelly and vitamin C, supplements which are intended for all those who desire to strengthen their immunity and improve the quality of their life.

The Revita drink mix was launched in Serbia after being made according to the recipe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the organization which, over the past century, intensively sought for a food that would be rich in nutrients and so provide astronauts with an optimal source of nutritious substances. Comprehensive research revealed that royal jelly is a unique solution which would subsequently also be applied in the original recipe for Revita products.

Owing to its efficient use of its knowledge and resources, Revita is the only company that manages to keep the best things from nature well-balanced in a product with a pleasant taste, a product which can be used in combination with all medications and foods. Revita products do not cause allergies, which makes them suitable for persons who are allergic to bee products.

Revita is a unique and completely natural refreshing drink mix for your entire family, based on lyophilized royal jelly as the only effective basis. Following the great success achieved by the Revita Orange drink mix, the company soon expanded its manufacturing program. Soon, the Revita family was joined by Revita Fe, a dietary product which, in addition to royal jelly, also contains chelated iron, and which is effective in preventing anaemia and intended for all those who want to naturally restore the normal level of iron in their blood; by Revita Diet, which is particularly convenient for diabetics; and by Revita Oriblets with a higher concentration of royal jelly. In 2016, the array of offered Revita products became enriched with two more products – Revita Orange with stevia and Revita Fe with stevia. In 2021, Revita expanded its portfolio of products with two new products – Revita Forte with a tripled amount of royal jelly and Revita Direct as intended for your faster and easier consumption while you are on your feet, moving around. Also, the existing Revita Fe received new packages of 454 grams and 1000 grams. Another product that joined the Revita family at the very beginning of the year 2022 is Revita TO GO, a pack of compressed candies enriched with royal jelly and vitamin C, made and launched with the idea that it would be good, for the sake of those people who are often on their feet, moving around, to put healthy candies on the market, ones that would make an ideal alternative to usual candies.

Awards and certificates

Revita is a company that operates in accordance with internationally recognized certificates:

ISO 9000 – an internationally recognized standard for quality management system
ISO 22000 – an international standard for food safety management whose main priority is food safety in the entire food production and trade chain;
HACCP system – for the identification, assessment and control of hazards relevant to food safety. HACCP is a management system in which food safety is considered through the analysis and control of biological, chemical and physical hazards from raw materials, handling, production, distribution and consumption of the final product.