Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is a honeybee secretion used in the nutrition of larvae and adult queen bees. It is known for a number of medicinal properties and application in medicine, cosmetics and the food industry.
Royal jelly is the most powerful natural biostimulator, bioregenerator, immunotonic and adaptogen. It is effective in preserving good health condition and speeding up the healing process.

Clinical trials around the world have shown that royal jelly is


  • to treat hypotrophy and eating disorders in children,
  • to restore general proteins and increase albumin and alpha-globulin levels,
  • to treat anemia,
  • to treat bronchial asthma,
  • for combined treatment of nervous system diseases,
  • to reduce consequences of angina,
  • in dermatology and cosmetics.

Recommended for:

  • children – to stimulate growth and development,
  • adults – to rejuvenate the body,
  • business people – to increase resistance to stress,
  • healthy people – to preserve vitality and energy,
  • people with illness – to accelerate the healing process,
  • pregnant women – for health preservation and proper development of the fetus,
  • athletes – by stimulating anaerobic processes, royal jelly increases endurance and raises energy levels in the body.
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