Revita products are dietary supplements based on royal jelly and vitamin C. They are intended for all ages and they are especially recommended to children, pregnant women and women in general, athletes, aged or diseased persons, and all those who are exposed to stress on an everyday basis.

The royal jelly that is present in Revita products does not contain any allergens, so it can be consumed by those persons who are allergic to other bee products. Moreover, Revita products do not contain any gluten, which means that they can be consumed by persons suffering from the celiac disease, as well as by vegetarians.

The only group of people who are not allowed to consume Revita products are persons undergoing immunosuppressive therapies – i.e., therapies for the lowering of one’s immunity – and persons who have undergone organ transplantation.

How should Revita products be consumed?

Revita products can be consumed every day or when needed, in combination with all medications and foods. The recommended daily dose of Revita products for children and adults depends on the form in which they are consumed, so, when it comes to powdered drink mixes, the recommended dose is 1–5 glasses of the drink mix per day, whereas in case of Direct and Oriblet the recommended daily dose is from 1 to 3, that is, 4 bags or oriblets per day. 

After being dissolved in water, the powdered drink mix has to be drunk within 48 hours so that the beneficial effects of royal jelly would be used to the full.

Benefits gained from the consumption of Revita products

Significance of iron in Revita products

Signs of anaemia should not be ignored. If you have any of the following symptoms, it is possible that you have a problem with iron deficiency:

  • You are exhausted and sleepy
  • You find it difficult to perform daily tasks
  • Your concentration is reduced
  • You are pale
  • You are having headaches
  • You lose breath too easily
  • You feel a lack of oxygen during physical activity
  • You feel anxious or depressed
  • Your heart is beating too fast or you have a buzzing noise in your ears
  • You are having painful periods (menstruation)

Revita Fe Forest Berries is the safest and most effective formula for the regulation of iron deficiency in your organism. It is also possible to buy Revita Fe Stevia with stevia as a sweetener, which is suitable for diabetics.

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