Revita oribletes

Revita Orange oriblets are a dietary product based on royal jelly. Oriblets, designed as a natural response to sudden fatigue and a drop in energy, are flavored with the natural aroma of orange, enriched with vitamin C and the natural color of beta-carotene.

They are suitable:

  • For fast energy recovery,
  • For persons with diabetes,
  • On travels,
  • On meetings.

Usage: Slightly dissolve the oriblets in the mouth. It is recommended for children older than 3 years and adults, one to two oriblets daily.

850,00 RSD

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Revita oriblets are orange flavored, do not contain table sugar and are suitable for people with diabetes. They contain one and a half times more royal jelly than all other Revita products.

Oriblets are small but energetically very rich supplements, which restores strength, freshness and vitality in the muscles. They have a very pleasant taste (children perceive them as candies) and are suitable for travel, meetings, excursions.


All Revita products can be freely consumed regardless of the medication and food you take, before or after meals. There is no need for taking break from Revita products.

All Revita products contain vitamin C in a dose that significantly participates in the necessary daily intake of this vitamin. Royal jelly and vitamin C stimulate the production of collagen ˗ the protein of youth, necessary not only for health and beauty of the skin, but also for preserving the elasticity of blood vessels, especially those in the brain and heart, as well as for defending the body from viruses and bacteria.

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Composition 100 g 1 oribleta (875 mg)
Royal Jelly 2.06 g 18 mg
Energetic Value 196 kJ (6 kcal) 1.7 kJ (0.4 kcal)
Vitamin C 5.486 g 48 mg
In addition to royal jelly, it contains sorbitol, talc, magnesium stearate, orange aroma, sodium cyclamate.